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About Me

I am currently a Computer Science Undegraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). I am broadly interested in Computational Biology and Systems, and I am looking to obtain concentrations in these two areas (equivalent to minors at other schools). I also am interested in Computer Science education and work at CMU CS Academy to help make CS education accessible to all! I have also been a course tutor for 21-127 (an introductory discrete math class) and will TA 36-218: Probability Theory for Computer Scientists in Fall 2022.

On the software engineering side, have previously worked as a New Technologist Intern at Microsoft (Summer 2021), a Product Manager Intern at the Ogan Lab (Fall 2021), a Automated Testing Intern at CMU CS Academy (Fall 2021), and a Software Engineering Intern at Microsoft (Summer 2022).

Outside of class & work, I am the Junior Chair at the School of Computer Science (SCS) Undergraduate Student Advisory Council, an SDC Buggy Pusher, and have aided Rewriting the Code recruit more CMU female and non-binary students working in tech!

Relevant Coursework

Computer Science


Computational Biology

Coursework Reflection

Inspired by numerous ((1), (2), (3)) Carnegie Mellon student's blogs, I decided to writeup my experience of the classes I have previously taken. Definitely check out other people's perspectives, as you get different concentrations and minors, different TA experiences, etc. Click here to read more!

Contact & Other

Feel free to email; whether it is about CMU, CS, job/internship opportunities, etc. I specifically love talking about CMU's Computational Biology Department and CS Academy.

For jobs and internship opportunities, I am specifically interested in Summer 2023 and Fall 2023 opportunities.