Degree: BS in Computer Science with a Concentration in Computational Biology


I had a little over a year of programming experience applying to CMU, with one year of AP CSA and a Computational Biology High School Program at CMU. I wanted to initially major in Computational Biology and pre-med (computational biology and pre-med have a lot of cross-listed courses) when applying to CMU, but settled on CS for more broad courses and because I didn’t want to do pre-med.

Ranking Scheme

I rank each class by the tier format: S, A, B, C, and D, where S is the highest and D is the lowest, inspired by the popular ranking meme videos. There are some minuses thrown in when a ranking is in between two. I don't rank work experiences. After ranking, I write some bullet points (sometimes less, sometimes more) about my experiences in the class.

Final CMU Reflections

I am extremely grateful for the past 3.5 years at CMU. The people I have met, both faculty, staff, and students are people that I can’t wait to have in the rest of my life. I’m super excited for everyone to graduate and settle down in their post-grad respective cities (I think NYC is starting to become more of a staple post-grad location, but the main other cities I’ve heard is obviously the Bay, Washington State, Chicago, and some of Texas) Some special shout-outs:

Fall 2023

Workload: I was taking two classes LOL

Summer 2023

My favorite summer ever. I ♡ NYC!

Spring 2023

Workload: Medium; after dropping 451, straightforward

Fall 2022

Workload: Light

Summer 2022

The summer in Washington was fun!

Spring 2022

Workload: Annoying & Hard [a slog]

Fall 2021

Workload: half medium half hard

Summer 2021

Workload: Death

Spring 2021

Workload: half medium half light

Fall 2020

Workload: During the semester death; retrospectively, medium hard.